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St. Onge Family | Colorado Winter Family Photo's | Denver, Colorado Family Photographer | Redroc

Here in Colorado, we get lots of snow every year. I don't know what it is about each year I get SO excited to photograph in it! I think it's the change of season's in general. The more I think about it, I get so excited to shoot in each new season as they come. It definitely keeps things exciting, refreshing, and keeps me on my toes!

I have known Kristen for some years now. Even before she had her kiddos! (Still seems crazy to me how fast the years fly by as you get older). Kristen and her family have never had professional photo's done. They decided to make it a priority in 2019 and we finally set a date in January! We got so incredibly lucky with a fresh snow the day before their session, leaving us with this gorgeousness and a beautiful sunny day to top it off! I was SO excited about this snow, and even more excited to photograph this adorable family for the first time ever!

I think everybody has the same questions or maybe a little shyness when they first show up for their photo session. It is my hope that I can make families feel comfortable with me and in front of the camera as quickly as possible. When they can feel that comfort, they can really open up, have fun and show their true happiness which then reflects in beautiful photos!

I am a big fan of fun, candid photos (as you can probably see in this session). I seriously love photographing children laughing and having a great time! Sometimes this isn't the easiest task. Especially in the cold and snow. However, Elise & Caiden didn't seem to mind at all. They were really soaking up those tickles and playfulness and giving my camera so much love! I can honestly say we had the BEST time during their session. They were such naturals!

If I had one word to describe this family, it would be HAPPY.

I left this family feeling so incredibly happy myself and excited to start editing. I just KNEW I had captured something wonderful for this family that they will absolutely cherish forever. Kristen already sent me a text shortly after leaving about how much fun they had, and that they will now be doing family photo's with me every year! I am so blessed to be their designated family photographer for life!

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! I don't think I could love what I do anymore!

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