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Adam & Megan | Blackstone Rivers Ranch Wedding | Colorado Wedding | Denver Wedding Photography |

Adam and Megan got married on a Wednesday in September with only their closest family members surrounding them. It was intimate, it was romantic, and it was perfect for them! I seriously couldn't imagine a more perfect setting for these two. It was cold and dreary when I first arrived to Blackstone Rivers Ranch in Idaho Springs. The fall colors were just starting to pop and it was beautiful and peaceful! The perfect fall mountain wedding setting.

The entire morning had been dry. I was able to bring Megan's wedding dress and all her wedding details outside to photograph before the rain. I walked around the property checking out all the nature since it was my first time photographing a wedding at Blackstone Rivers Ranch! This newer Colorado wedding venue is absolutely gorgeous by the way!! (It's definitely a must see if you are looking for a mountain location for your wedding!)

Wouldn't you know, the second it was time to walk down the aisle, the rain came! It came quick and hard, and lasted for hours. Which I feel is not very typical of Colorado. There was no time to wait, it was time for these two to get married! Their guests were so cute all snuggled up together under blankets and umbrellas as you could hear the loud rain hitting the ground. The ceremony lasted a good 20 minutes, but Adam & Megan didn't seem to care about the rain, these two were so wrapped up in each other and their vows to each other, I don't even think they noticed how wet it was all around them.

After the ceremony and all the formal photo's were done, we moved to the covered part of the venue where they had arranged the seating in a U shape around the lit fireplace. It was perfectly decorated with the bride & groom's personal touches- gorgeous flowers and garland on the tables, they even hung their own drapery and a chandelier! Music played from an iPad over a speaker as they ate a 5 course meal and talked over dinner as one big happy family. Eventually a few family members would stand up to give words of encouragement and congratulations before Megan danced with her father, and Adam with Megan.

As the evening set in, the whole family had such a great time mingling and making memories under the stars (and rain, which eventually stopped). It was absolutely perfect!

A huge congratulations to these two love birds!

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