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Shabnum & Imtiaz | Boulder Engagement Photos | Flagstaff Road, Boulder CO | Boulder Wedding Phot

Shabnum first found my photography business through Instagram! Her and her fiance Imtiaz were drawn to my nature-y and mountainous photo's that I try to incorporate in almost all of my sessions. Living in Texas themselves, they knew they wanted to travel to Colorado for their engagement session, and they had to show off those mountains! When we first started planning their engagement session, Shabnum told me she really wanted to create a couple different "looks". She wanted red rocks, mountains and woods. She also wanted a formal look along with a casual look. Great! I knew the perfect place for them in Boulder! When we set out for their session on July 1st, I went with the intention of making multiple different stops along flagstaff road to try and achieve just what they were looking for. They were easy going, and into my ideas and visions! Yay!

When I first see these two step out of the car, wow they look amazing, as if they just stepped out of a Nordstrom magazine. Shabnum decided to get her hair & makeup trial (for their wedding) done this day, which was just perfect! Everything down to her jewelry and his stylish shoes was carefully thought about and very well put together! I absolutely love the very formal look for engagement photo's, but I was also excited for their "casual" look. The casual look allowed for those more playful photo's. I had this girl jumping, running and piggybacking- all things she wasn't really capable of in her gorgeous gown. Everything worked out perfectly!

Shabnum & Imtiaz are so incredibly cute together. They have known each other for a very long time (family friends) but only recently started dating just over a year ago. Of course they act as if they've known each other their whole lives (because they have) but their chemistry is undeniable. During their session we talked about everything; jobs, Texas humidity, wedding planning and the Indian culture and what to expect at their wedding.

Although I have photographed a fair share of Indian weddings in Denver, they are all different, which makes it so exciting! They are also having a destination wedding in Denver to keep the number of guests low. Typically you can expect around 600+ guests at a traditional Indian wedding. Because they want to travel, and have a destination mountain wedding, there will only be just over a hundred guests for this wedding next June. I am beyond excited to see everything come together for their wedding day!

I am over the moon excited these two selected me as their wedding photographer, and I can't wait for their big day!

Congratulations Shabnum & Imtiaz!

-Erinn :)


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