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Malachi & Briggite | Elope in Colorado | Colorado Elopement Photography | Cherry Creek State Par

She told me she wanted something magical. This particular location in Cherry Creek State Park I had been to a few times in a few different seasons. When I heard "magical" I knew this was THE perfect spring location for them.

Malachi & Briggite met online just a few months ago. They said they'd been searching their whole lives to find each other, and what perfect timing fate had in store for them. They each said they knew immediately they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other. It didn't take long before they started ring shopping and talking about their future together. Before long, they were engaged! They knew they didn't want to wait long to get married and finally move in together and maybe start a family of their own some day.

Briggite emailed me just a little over a month before they were planning to get married. I was SO happy to hear from her and to learn they would be eloping and it'd be a Monday in April! I don't know exactly what it is, but 1. I LOVE elopements in Colorado and 2. I LOVE weekday weddings! I don't know if after 9 years of photographing weddings I'm starting to steer away from the traditional wedding or what, but something about the non traditional gets me super excited!

Talking a little more with Briggite about her ideas over a starbucks coffee one day, I told her about this perfect location. She was on board, yay! I helped her plan all the little details and help her prepare for everything there is to know about planning an elopement including a traditional first look with her groom. Because the wedding was on a Monday, we basically had almost the entire park to ourselves this day. It was magical indeed. The first signs of spring were clear and love was in the air!

Photographing these two was easy. They are incredibly in love and are so clearly perfect for each other. I am so glad they found me and trusted me with their wedding photography and elopement planning! I wish them all the love and happiness in the world for a wonderful long life together! I'm excited to photograph these two again in the future!

Congratulations you two!



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