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I may have loved on this cute babe a little extra, only because he belongs to some of my very good friends. I remember the day Kyle & Erin surprised us with their pregnancy announcement. My boyfriend and I were two of the first people to know! We were of course super excited for them and couldn't wait for the day to be here that we got to meet him!

My boyfriend grew up with Kyle back in St Louis Missouri. I've had the pleasure of knowing these two for almost 5 years now. They were one of the first friends I got introduced to when we first started dating. We had an instant connection and became close. I remember the day Kyle bought Erin a ring to propose to her and how hard it was to keep it a secret when everyone knew about it but her. My boyfriend was the best man in their wedding and it was a blast! Kyle and Erin live fairly close to us, so hang outs with them happened pretty often. I remember the last day we saw them before little Lucas arrived, it was the week of Erin's due date and we went out for pizza and played games at a brewery. I can't even remember what we were talking about that day, but I remember we were all laughing till we had tears in our eyes. Erin and I texted with each other later on talking about how we would remember that day long after this little baby was no longer a baby and how fun it will be to reminisce some day about the week of her due date.

Kyle & Erin plan to move back to Missouri to be close to family over the summer and they sure will be missed. It seems like we have been there for all of their milestone and all the in-between moments that make up such a great friendship. It's hard to believe we will go from this, to only seeing them once or twice a year. I know it will be the best thing for them, but I sure will miss them, and I will definitely miss seeing Lucas and watching him grow.

I was ecstatic when Erin asked me to be their newborn photographer! I know they have many options, so I was thrilled I would be one of the first people to meet the little guy, and that I was the one to get to photograph his first moments of life! I knew they decorated the nursery with a theme of grey, black & white so I had a pretty good idea of how I was going to photograph him. However, I didn't know his name yet! Kyle & Erin kept it a secret until he arrived, and when she showed me the custom onesie and hat she ordered for him to announce his name with, I knew we had to use it! How stinkin' cute is that!

Lucas was only 5 days new when I got to photograph him for his newborn session and he slept the entire time! Once in awhile he would peek his eyes open to see what I was up to, but immediately fell back asleep. He was just perfect. I don't know if you can tell in these photo's, but Kyle is a redhead. We all thought Lucas would come out with red hair but nope, he got Erin's dark thick hair instead, with more of Kyle's facial features. Erin always joked, since she ate a lot of Cheez-It crackers early in her pregnancy that he was for sure going to have red (or orange) hair lol.

Kyle & Erin are going to make the best parents for this little guy. He is a very lucky little dude. I am over the moon excited for them and their new adventures, even though they will be missed in Colorado.

Congratulations you two and thank you for letting me photograph him!

-Erinn :)

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