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Benjamin | 6 Month Old Photo's | Baby Photography | Denver Family Photographer | Redrock Portrai

Part of me feels like time goes slow and I haven't seen this family in forever, but the other part of me feels like it goes so fast and I just photographed them yesterday- but it was 6 months ago. This family booked my favorite photo package, the "grow with me" package. It is my favorite, obviously because I get to see my clients 4 times in a year and watch the little babies grow up! And of course document their milestones. It starts with maternity, then newborn, 6 months old, then 1 year old. I always get so sad on that last session, the one year session, because that's when I usually have to say goodbye for a whole nother year. Good thing there's social media so I can still catch up with them and see pictures that way!

Benjamin's mommy and daddy are over the moon happy with this little boy. I could see such a difference in them from when I first met them at their maternity session to now. It's like they got this whole parenting thing totally figured out. They are such natural's at it. Obviously it shows in the photo's. Little Benjamin is probably the most happy and smiley 6 month old I've ever photographed. Usually at this age babies just kind of stare at me trying to figure out exactly what it is that I'm doing. Not Ben, he was all smiles this day! All I had to do was play a little peek-a-boo with him to get these big grins! Easy peasy. I left this session so excited to get home and look at the photo's!

We had so much fun on this spring/winter day in Boulder. We had been having 60/70 degree weather almost every day that week leading up to last Saturday. Then, just like Colorado does, we got hit with snow. Luckily it warmed up Saturday, the snow melted a little and it ended up being a beautiful day! I was even surprised to see some green grass at this park. It was the first signs of spring and so refreshing after such a long brown winter.

Often we get goofy in photoshoots. We do whatever it takes to get the photo. So this one time when I was photographing Ben by himself sitting in the chair, his parent's and I were in front of him making the most ridiculous noises to get him to look at the camera. Yeah, we might have been a little loud, but hey whatever it takes right? Well, we look over and someone is totally recording us on their phone as were jumping up and down making baby noises. Haha, so embarrassing right? I really hope that video doesn't end up anywhere. We all laughed it off. That was definitely a first for me- that I know of lol.

Anyway, I can't even explain how much I love what I do. I have the privilege of documenting something for people that they will have forever. They will get to look back at these photo's and remember the little things about that day. I love photographing this little family and am so excited I get to be a little part of their growing family.

Happy 6 months Benjamin!

-Erinn :)

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