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Art & Gretchen | Red Rocks Colorado Engagement | Colorado Mountain Engagement Photo's | Denv

The moment I met Art & Gretchen at a wedding planning meeting a few weeks back, I knew I couldn't wait to photograph them. Art is a jokester, he is very outgoing, always playing around and there's never a dull moment around him. Gretchen is more on the quiet side. She laughs at his jokes, and is easy going. They are both so easy to talk to and easy to get along with. Right away I knew photographing them for their engagement session would be a lot of fun. I was picturing how natural and fun they would be in front of the camera and catching all of Gretchen's laughter would be priceless. As it came time for their session this day, that was exactly what happened. All my day dreams about this photo session came true.

My favorite kind of couples are the one's who have that natural chemistry and aren't afraid to show it in their sessions. A lot of times it takes a bit to get couple's comfortable in front of the camera, which is totally okay and normal. As I went into my speech about how awkward this was going to feel at first, it didn't seem to phase these two. Before I was even finished testing my light and getting myself set up, they got right into it. Flirting, kissing, all the giggles... it was perfect. I couldn't believe how natural they were! It's like....they are so happy they couldn't wait to show it.

By the end of this session I had Art & Gretchen dancing, spinning, dipping, lifting, and Art even threw her over his shoulder's. To say we had fun during these engagement photo's would be an understatement. The not-so-spring-y weather didn't even phase these two. Not only is spring late with it's popping color's this year, but it was also cloudy and windy this day. A little less than ideal, but it seriously didn't even matter one bit.

Art & Gretchen are getting married in August at the Red Rocks Country Club, so I knew Red Rocks would be the perfect location for their engagement photo's. This particular Sunday in April we had the whole place to ourselves. I actually don't think I've seen Red Rocks so empty and quiet. It was great for us, it felt like the possibilities were endless. And in a way, it was romantic and intimate.

The way Art & Gretchen talk about their wedding details has me even more excited to photograph their wedding! They are having rose gold accents, which is pretty much my favorite ever. Everything about their wedding sounds absolutely beautiful, and I can't wait to see it all come together. Not to mention, I get to work with one of my favorite wedding planners,

A big congratulations to Art & Gretchen on their engagement! I know their life together will be absolutely amazing, and I couldn't be happier to be just a little part of it.

-Erinn :)

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