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Jodie & Brad are one of my favorite couples I've photographed of the year. I had the privilege of capturing their pregnancy AND the arrival of their baby boy. If you've seen my blog of their maternity photo's, you've probably read about how awesome these two people are. They are some of the nicest and most in love couples I have met. They are easy to get along with and easy to photograph! For their maternity photo's Jodie wore a gorgeous lace burgundy dress on a very cold snowy windy day. It didn't even phase her, she was so happy and vibrant that day. We got to know each other a bit that day on top of that cold mountain. Jodie & Brad are originally from Texas and are temporarily living in Denver. Their love for Colorado and the mountains was what brought them here and I was sad to hear they will be moving back to Texas soon. I also learned that Sullivan is Jodie's maiden name and it was what they were planning to name their son. I thought that was so cool! They call him Sully for short :)

Fast forward a month or so. I get the email Sully has arrived! I couldn't wait to get to their Denver home to meet and photograph him! Oh he was so cute! He slept like a champ but occasionally opened his little eyes for a quick peek at what I was doing. Not to mention, he smiled multiple times, and I actually caught them on camera! Photographing these three was incredible! They are all naturals and I couldn't have asked for a better photoshoot with them. P.S it was also Brad's birthday! It was a special day all around, we had fun.

I am so sad to know that I won't be able to photograph this growing family for all their upcoming milestones. However, I was happy to hear they will definitely be returning to Denver for family vacations and that I'd be able to photograph them again one day! And of course that they will be surrounded by their closest friends and family in Texas to help raise this little guy.

One thing that has really stuck with me since saying goodbye this day, Jodie teared up as she expressed to me how much she loved her maternity photo's and "it was the first time she had ever felt beautiful in a photograph". Uh my heart! This, this is just why I LOVE what I do!

Congratulations Jodie & Brad, you two are already amazing parents!



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