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Tom & Hilarie | Breckenridge Engagement Photo's | Winter Engagement Photo's | Breckenrid

Tom & Hilarie had a vision for their engagement session, and the snowy Colorado mountains was it. This couple came all the way from Missouri to have their engagement photo's with me! That's right, St. Louis Missouri, to Breckenridge Colorado! That was a 14 hour drive for them, each way! Okay, so they might have planned a week long ski trip too. So why not do both in one trip?

This couple is a little different from most couples I work with. Tom planned this entire photoshoot. It is rare that the man gets even a little bit involved, so I thought to myself, this is going to be amazing right from the start. He actually wanted it to be a surprise for Hilarie (so stinkin sweet!), but after more thought, like- how is she going to know what to wear?! He decided to give her a heads up about it. I was talking with Tom weeks before their trip to Colorado about what they should wear for the photo's, and the vision he had of the snowy mountain views. I knew the perfect location for them.

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018, the day before Valentine's day was the day! It was the week of love, and what better way to celebrate than with engagement photo's?! Once again, different from most couples I work with, these two showed up to their engagement photoshoot- chugging a large coors light. I couldn't help but laugh. They were so nervous about this that they needed to be drinking beer. ahhh young love ;)

I reassured them that my photo sessions are always fun, I'm not going to make them stand there and stare awkwardly at the camera, yet instead they'd be interacting with each other, loving on each other and whispering silly things in each other's ears. I have been doing this for almost 9 years and it's almost always the same story. Engagement photo's are usually the first time a couple does professional photo's together and it does feel super awkward at first. Not even 10 minutes into my sessions, couples warm up to the camera and start having fun. I love when I see that transition into comfort.

We had an absolutely beautiful Colorado day for Tom and Hilarie's engagement photo's! The day before this day it was snowing, yet this day, this day was warm and perfect! We got super lucky. Even though Tom was hoping it'd be snowing DURING the session, we started to get some flurries at the end. I'm glad they didn't freeze their butt's off.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this couple. Spending only a short time with them, I feel they were truly made for each other. Their similarities and their personalities are perfect for one another. Their love and laughter could fill a room. Being around them brings joy and an energy that is contagious. I am so happy these two found each other in this world, and wish them all the best for their wedding day and marriage!

Choosing me as their photographer was a true dream. My absolute favorite thing is when I can photograph couple's love for each other, with their love for Colorado. I'd say we accomplished that ;)

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