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Intimate Breckenridge Weddings | Elope in Colorado | Breckenridge Colorado Winter Wedding Photograph

Jay & Veronica live in Seattle and I think it's amazing they came all the way to Colorado to elope! They have family all over the country, and knew they wanted a unique winter wedding. So, they chose Breckenridge Colorado to meet for their perfect winter wedding location. Knowing they wanted a small intimate wedding, they really did this right! They rented a huge house on for their closest family members & themselves to enjoy a week long vacation and merriment. Jay & Veronica are big into skiing, along with most of their family members, so this ski-in, ski-out house was perfect for them to hit the slopes.

I first spoke with Jay & Veronica on the phone over 6 months ago when they were wedding planning. I first met them in person for a fun ski engagement session just a few days before their wedding. They had an idea, which I had never done before. Take pictures of them skiing, on the slopes at Breckenridge. They wanted to know if I was up for the challenge, yep- sure was! I have to mention, I am not a skier, I am a snowboarder. SO, I knew it'd be tricky, but I also knew it was doable, and I was up for the challenge. We had a lot of fun that day, but man did I get a workout out of the deal. I guess I have never really taken my board off and walked around the mountain before, and now I know why... lol yep sunk up to my waist. Multiple times. It was all okay, I made it out alive!

A few days later I made the short drive back to Breckenridge for wedding day! Let me just say, as soon as I walked in the door of this house, I was in love. Not with the size of the house or how amazing it was, but with the feeling I got when I walked in. It was so warm and cozy inside, the smell of delicious food filled the air, a real wood fire lit the fireplace, they had a sign to remove your snowy boots, which left everyone walking around in their comfy socks. The energy was calm, but filled with excitement. As I collected Jay and Veronica's wedding details to photograph, I listed to the little stories they had about each and every detail. For example, look closely at their wedding invitations, Veronica designed them and hand made them- they are all die cut! I don't think I've seen more amazing wedding invitations! And look at the gondola that floats on top of the mountains, and the little snowflake details! Oh my gosh! Seriously can't get over those. Or the fact that they had their florist add the bride & groom ski Lego's to her bouquet and his boutonniere. Or how Veronica wore a mixture of her mother and grandmother's jewelry. And one of the best parts, Veronica designed her wedding band. It is a mixture of sapphire's (to represent her) and green diamonds (to represent him) in all different shades. How special is that?! I love it.

We did a private first-look in the snow, and got the most incredible winter, snowy photo's for them! We had nice warm(ish) weather this day, the sunlight was coming in and out of the clouds at the perfect time, and we had a little breeze that blew the perfect amount of snow off the trees and into the photo's. It was MAGICAL. I am super happy with how these photo's turned out!

The ceremony filled the room with tears and joy, but overall happiness for two small families coming together. After the ceremony, we had a little fun- wedding attire ski photo's! Per Veronica, this was Jay's only request on their wedding day. We made it happen for him!

Overall, this couple is so easy going with the greatest personalities! It was amazing to work with them on what I thought (and I'm sure they did too), was the most perfect wedding day ever! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Venue: VRBO home

Lead Photographer: Redrock Portrait Design

Second Photographer: Elizabeth Mae

Personal Chef: The Happy Cuisiniere

Hair and Makeup:

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