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Meet Your Photographer! | Erinn turns 30 | 30th Birthday Photoshoot | Redrock Portrait Design | Boul

Not that I've been waiting to turn 30, or excited about turning 30, but I have been excited about planning this birthday photoshoot for nearly 2 years. Which I guess makes it kind of exciting. The week of my 30th birthday, I finally did it. All the planning, the multiple trips to Hobby Lobby, the location prepping, the dress rental, the photographer, it had all come together so perfectly. I was so happy this day. Like any photo shoot I've done for myself in the past, it can be stressful. Making sure you have everything you need, putting everything together, and oh yeah- I need to get my nails done! However, getting my hair and makeup done and putting on the most gorgeous dress felt magical. I felt like a queen, and you only turn 30 once, so why not celebrate? I am a huge believer in celebrating all of life's milestones and happy memories and documenting them through photo's. As a photographer, I get to document everyone else's lives and it's easy to forget about my own. Or I just feel like time passes me by too quickly. This year I am committed to changing that. I am capturing more of my own happy moments, and actually printing my photo's so I can look back at them in the future. My hope with this photoshoot is that one day, when I'm 60, or 90 I can look at these photo's and have my happy memories come back to me as if I were back in this moment. And hopefully be able to show my kids and grand kids someday.

I felt like a queen this day, and I have to thank Andrea Enger Photography for making this happen for me! I will never forget it!

Hello 30!

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