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Bode & Nolan | 6 Months Old | Twin Baby Photography | Denver Family Photographer | Denver Baby P

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Dave and Mary years ago with their family at Redrocks. I would say 4+ years ago, when I was just starting Redrock Portrait Design. I had the opportunity to photograph them with her parents, siblings and kiddo's. I remembered this family well over the years because of Mary's kind personality. She had an abundance of welcoming and happiness about her. I remember thinking to myself, wow, she would be an amazing teacher. I wonder if she is a teacher? (Well, I found out later she is! She's definitely in the right profession.) Fast forward 4 years, I get an email from Mary! After many, many years, they were finally pregnant! And they were pregnant with twins! AND she wanted ME to photograph her pregnancy! Mary & Dave explained to me how they've been married over 10 years and waited so, so long to become parents. Their time was finally here, and I was super excited they remembered me, and wanted me to photograph them again.

Since the last time I saw Mary & Dave, I have added maternity, newborn and baby photography to my portfolio. Of course I also felt like my skills had much improved since then. I was super excited to see these two again, and show off how beautifully I could photograph them now.

I photographed these two and the baby bump at Lair O' the Bear park in Morrison. Not only do I love that location, but Mary & Dave knew it well. They happen to live close by, and frequently went there to run or mountain bike. (These two are super outdoorsy. Another reason we get along so well :) ) Everything went perfect, the photo's came out beautifully, and we caught up as if 4 years hadn't passed between the last time we saw each other.

Fast forward another month or two. The twins are here! Both boys, both very happy and healthy. Mary calls me for newborn photo's! Yay! I got to go to their beautiful home in Morrison and photograph a lifestyle newborn session for them! The boys were beautiful! One was almost a full pound more than the other, and each had totally different looks and personalities. They both behaved so well, lots of sleeping and cooperation, I was so impressed! Twin newborn babies can sometimes be a challenge for a photoshoot. They rocked it.

It doesn't seem possible, but these twins are already 6 months old now! I took the family of 4 to my favorite location in Boulder for some family photo's, and to show off the babies first half of a year earth side! I have to say it was a chili day in December, but look how adorable they look all bundled up in their cute matching outfits! They definitely didn't want to give me any smiles, but they were glued to my camera, so I have high hopes for their 1 year photo session! I'm so pleased with the way these photo's turned out. I just love photographing this little family, and watching them grow! I know time will go fast and I definitely don't want to speed it up, but I am excited for the day they turn one, and I get to see and photograph them again! I am just so over the moon happy & excited for Mary & Dave and what the universe has done for them in their lives. They are some amazing parents.

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