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Valerie & Dillen | Lost Gulch Lookout | Boulder Colorado Engagement Photos | Boulder Wedding Pho

I remember the very first time I talked with Valerie on the phone about wedding photography. One of the first things she told me is that her and Dillen like to laugh. A lot. And that they are very "smiley people". I thought to myself, well these are my type of people! We are going to have some fun during their engagement photos! I wasn't wrong! We had SO.MUCH.FUN!

A snowy, winter wonderland with mountain views was at the top of Valerie & Dillen's wish list for their engagement photo's. Well, here in Boulder, Colorado, we learn not to expect there to be snow in December. September, maybe. May, probably so. But Colorado is goofy like that, and we had a nice 65 degree day this particular winter day. Was I sad that we didn't get winter wonderland photo's, yes. Was I sad that we didn't freeze our cotton headed ninny muggins off, not particularly. Especially with Valerie's killer dress! All this meant was that it stayed warm long enough to get more pictures, with beautiful sun glares! Side note, Valerie's dress is from Lulu's! I know so many woman having great luck with dresses from this site, I think I'll have to check it out myself some day!

When we first arrived at the top of Flagstaff mountain at Lost Gulch lookout, we chitchatted for awhile. I asked them if they've ever had professional photos taken together yet. Their response like most, was no. Of course I went into my little spiel of how it's probably going to feel awkward at first, but try and remain calm, happy, and just have fun with it! Be natural! It took these two all of one second to warm up to my camera. As if I wasn't even there, these two are so naturally in love, so naturally giddy, that they made my job a piece of cake!

After dating for a year and a half, Valerie & Dillen are recently engaged. He just popped the question in late August, at the top of Mount Evans. They told me all about their proposal story. Dillen actually bought the ring months before. He knew where he was going to propose, but didn't know if it'd be this year or next. Something told him this was the right time! They laughed about the blizzard that took place on top of Mount Evans in August, the day of the proposal. One thing that really stood out to me about this story is that Dillen proposed with a very specific diamond that he picked out, which he put in a solitaire setting. BUT he wanted Valerie to pick out the band, so that she would have "exactly what she wanted". [Insert tears & tissues] How adorable is that?! She picked out something very shiny and rose gold, very unique, which makes it even more special.

These two love birds are saying I-do on July 1st, 2018 at The Barn at Racoon Creek! This venue is incredible! I was lucky enough to have photographed a wedding there this past spring. With it being a brand new wedding venue in Colorado, they did an amazing job with it! The modern barn feel makes it the perfect spot for a young couple like them! I cannot wait to see Valerie & Dillen on their wedding day, see what they are wearing, what their flowers and decor look like, and even better, their faces when they first see each other. Their love & happiness fills the room with joy and I am ecstatic they chose me to be their wedding photographer!

Congratulations Valerie & Dillen! You two deserve it all!

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