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Kathryn & Alex | Timber Ridge Lodge | Keystone, Colorado Weddings | Colorado Mountain Wedding |

Alex & Kathryn had the wedding of a lifetime. Sitting at 11,500 feet at the top of Keystone Mountain Resort, you will find this epic mountain wedding venue, Timber Ridge Lodge. This is where Alex & Kathryn got to say their vows, in front of over 200 guests! That's right! 200 guests that all took a 30 minute gondola ride up and over the mountain to get to this lodge. The views on the way there are incredible, and the thrill and excitement of it doesn't compare. If you haven't experienced a gondola ride, or the Colorado mountains, I highly suggest you make that happen! On this particular day, over labor day weekend, we had incredible weather. If you know anything about Colorado, you know that the weather is extremely unpredictable. We got super lucky with perfect temperatures, perfect sun, and even an amazing purple sunset!

The day started out with mimosa's for the girls, and shots for the guys, which made for some really fun "getting ready" photo's. The fun, laughter, and happiness in each of the homes was contagious. I had been looking forward to this wedding day for quite some time, and this just confirmed how great it was about to be! I knew it was going to be an epic day!

I first met Alex & Kathryn for their engagement photo's in Boulder, Colorado. She had originally found me on Instagram, and it was an instant connection for us. Our love for the mountains made us a great fit for each other! I took them to lost gulch lookout to photograph them with the incredible mountain views! We had! Their love for each other was contagious. They were goofy and flirty, sweet and intimate. I could immediately see how much love and passion they had for each other. Kathryn is a graphic designer in Denver, she told me all about the wedding invitations she was designing for her own wedding. I thought that was great! I love when brides & grooms throw in as many personal details as possible! Details are my favorite. They told me more about the wedding and how excited they were about it. September couldn't come soon enough. I knew this was going to be epic!

Alex's family owns a home in Keystone, which is where his side got ready, and Kathryn's side had rented a huge home for the weekend. Having both their families stay in the mountains all weekend made for a special celebration. The couple exchanged love letters the night before the wedding, but waited to read them on their actual wedding day. As they each read their letters, the tears were flowing for everyone around. Alex even gave Kathryn some wedding day jewelry to top it off! Kathryn had super sweet gifts for her bridesmaids and her mother, cue more tears! One more, Kathryn decided to do a "first look" with her dad. Seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time, you just can't imagine the emotions that escalated.

Alex and Kathryn also decided to do a first look. Of course, it took place in the most beautiful place ever! They had waited so long for this day, this moment, and it was finally here! The whole thing was captured on camera and video! Tears, hugs and lost of laughter led us into their wedding ceremony. Like I mentioned before, they had over 200 guests! A few of them officiated their ceremony, (which was amazing) and everything was absolutely beautiful!

I took Alex and Kathryn outside a couple times for their bride & groom portraits, mainly because (views) and they are so darn cute together I just couldn't stop photographing them! The rest of the night went off with a bang! They had a great live band which really pumped up the crowd. Each and every guest was on the dance floor and danced the night away as they celebrated this day! The speeches about the two of them were heartfelt, and the love was definitely in the air! Or...lack there of at 11,500 feet, haha.

Like I mentioned before, this was a wedding of a lifetime, and I am beyond honored this lovely couple chose me to be their wedding photographer! I have truly enjoyed working with them over the last year, and I can only hope I get to work with them again in the future! (Babies)

Congratulations Alex & Kathryn!

Wedding Dress: Robert Bullock Bride

Videography: Ampersand Family

Second Photographer: Plum Pretty Photography