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Shanon & Walter | Colorado Mountain Maternity Photo's | Mount Evan's Photoshoot | Denver

When most people think of Colorado, they probably think of mountains and beautiful views. And Shanon & Walter are like most people. They moved from New Orleans to beautiful Colorado shortly after she got pregnant. They didn't know anyone here, but Shanon had a vision. The two of them do a lot of exploring in the mountains, and of our beautiful state. So, she knew early on she wanted to do her maternity photo's in the snow, with mountain views. Somewhere that really showed off Colorado beauty, so she could brag to her friends and family back home. On the January day that we were scheduled to do this photoshoot, it happened to be a very warm winter day in the Denver area, with no snow close by. I told her I know this really beautiful spot on the way up to Mount Evans, and that I'm willing to bet has snow. Well, what do ya know, it did! And it was COLD! As you can see in these photo's, Shanon is not wearing much, and she is bare foot! We took a few breaks to warm up in the car, but we had an amazing photoshoot. Shanon's vision of her winter maternity photos came true! Sometimes we do crazy things for photo's, but sometimes, it's all worth it! I know Walter & Shanon are going to be amazing parents to this sweet little boy! Congratulations you two! Thank you for allowing me to be your photographer for such an important memorable time in your lives! I'm so glad I could make your dream come true.

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