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Chris & Rachel | Colorado Winter Weddings | Breckenridge CO Wedding Photographers | Elope in Col

October 1st, 2017 the day of the first GOOD snow in the mountains. I remember leaving my house in Denver this morning, heading up to Breckenridge, wearing a sweater. I remember thinking of turning around to change because I thought I'd be too hot. I'm glad I didn't. I'm also glad I had a jacket in the car. It was 75 degrees and sunny when I left Denver, and snow flurries when I arrived to the Nordic Center in Breckenridge only an hour and a half later. Gotta love Colorado! I really do.... it sure keeps me on my toes!

As soon as I stepped into this little mountain venue, I felt an amazing level of comfort. Almost like this was MY wedding. The snow was falling outside, the wood burning fire place was so cozy, the decorations were absolutely stunning, and the bartender was making some special "warm me up" drinks for all 12 wedding guests attending. Small Colorado mountain weddings are the best! I love getting to know each of the guests on a personal level, I love how laid back and easy everything always seems.

Chris and Rachel worked hard on planning this wedding for all of their out of town close family members. Their decor made me feel like I was at a styled photoshoot. The colors they chose definitely had me ready for winter weddings and the holidays! They had a s'mores bar with several different s'mores you could make (in the wood burning fire place), they had little books with their hand written vows in them, and my favorite little detail, dirt from each of their home states, and dirt from Colorado (where they live now), to mix together and plant a tree. How cute is that?! I just love the super unique, super detail oriented and personal weddings!

Rachel wasn't too thrilled about the snow at first. I mean, it was supposed to be a beautiful Colorado FALL day in the mountains, and instead it was a beautiful Colorado WINTER day. Definitely a little unexpected, but hey, I thought it was gorgeous and I was super excited about the snow! I don't get to photograph winter weddings TOO often, and I know how beautiful the snow can be in wedding photo's! So....we got a little break in the snow and headed outside for their vows. That didn't last very long. 10 minutes later it was dumping! Like full on blizzard. I couldn't feel any of my limbs, especially my fingers, and Rachel was such a trooper! I mean... she was drenched! She still managed to have a great attitude and a big old smile on her face, as she was now officially married to the man of her dreams!

We finished up outside, went straight to the bathroom hand dryer to dry her hair! It worked! The couple had a very intimate first dance, it was beginning to get dark outside, with a romantic fire lit inside. I remember feeling lost in the moment with them as they starred outside at the beautiful snow fall, just taking it all in. What a beautiful moment!

The couple and their 12 guests gathered around a small table as they shared stories about each other and ate a very delicious dinner. I know that weather is extremely unpredictable when planning your wedding day, and a lot of times it can be the biggest stress factor of the day. Learning to "dance in the rain" with the unpredictable is what the adventure is all about, right?! Either way, we got beautiful photo's for a lifetime of memories and stories to tell. Congratulations to Chris & Rachel on their very special day! I am so honored you chose me as your wedding photographer!

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