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I first met Heather way back when I first moved to Colorado. We were both in-hospital newborn photographers together for a small company and we hit it off right away. She was newly pregnant with here first bundle of joy, and not too long later, we both branched out to our own small businesses and lost touch. We have been friends on facebook the whole time, so seeing her become a new mom and seeing photo's of baby Rowan was wonderful. A few years after that, Heather reached out to me at the end of her pregnancy with Violet! She asked if I would be the one to photograph big brother Rowan meeting little Violet in the hospital for the very first time! I was ecstatic! I know being a photographer herself, that she would be picky in who she chose for such a special time, and that she had many choices!

The day came that little Violet arrived into the world, and I headed to the hospital just before dad and Rowan would arrive. I had my camera ready, and in they walked. Rowan was shy at first, didn't quite know what to think, but he seemed interested in her. Being only three years old, he couldn't really grasp that this baby came out of mommy's belly. (He thought "baby" was still in there). That was adorable! We asked him if he remembered her name, and he did after a little help. Before long, he was comfortable. He was excited to be a big brother, and like any three year old, he was jumping around the hospital room like it was his own. Oh, I forgot to mention, this was also his first day of school! So it was a BIG day for him, and definitely a memorable one!

A few days later I went to the family home in Denver to photograph a lifestyle newborn session for them. Violet slept the entire two hours I was there. She got handled back and forth between mom, dad, and even big brother without a fuss. She was the perfect little angel her for photo's! We ended up doing her photoshoot in the same places in their home they did Rowan's newborn photo's three years ago. I thought that was very special. I loved seeing all their family photo's displayed all over their home. It really creates this feeling of "being home." It is so fun to see how much everyone grows, and to display it on walls!

Can we talk about the color's they have in their home?! I am obsessed! Between their wall color, their headboard, bedding, and their outfits... everything just blew me away! I love how Violet's flower pattern just ties it all together. Like she is the completion of this adorable family!

It will be so fun to see this family grow over the years. I am beyond blessed to create these memories for such special people at special times in their life! I wouldn't want any other job in the whole wide world! A BIG congratulations to Heather & Jeff, and big brother Rowan on the newest addition to their family!

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