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Baby Tasher | In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Denver Colorado Newborn Photographer | Redrock

Jamie & Tara waited 10 whole years for little baby Tasher! He is finally here, healthy and happy! I photographed this sweet baby boy at 3 and a half weeks new! He and his big (dog) brother Kash did awesome during their photoshoot! We had so much fun at their gorgeous home in Denver. Just look at all the natural light in their home! A photographers dream!

We laughed, we giggled, we snuggled for these unforgettable photo's. Jamie & Tara's chemistry is amazing, as you can probably see in these photo's. Their relationship is what everyone looks forward to after 10 years of marriage! The two of them being so playful and flirty with each other really come out in the lifestyle newborn photoshoot they were looking for! But don't be fooled, these two are not new to the camera. In fact, they get their photo's taken often. Their home is fully decorated with photo's everywhere. Which I absolutely LOVE to see. Coming in as their new photographer, it was so fun to see professional photo's of the two of them displayed from over the years; wedding photo's, maternity photo's, moving into a new home photo's, and just for fun photo's! I am honored that I could capture such a special time in their lives, and these photo's will too be displayed for everyone to see!

Tasher was long awaited for, and I couldn't be happier that Jamie & Tara have completed their family with this sweet baby boy! It will be so fun to watch them grow into parents, a family of 4, and see this little guy grow up over the years! Congratulations!

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