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Gorshow Family | A Mother's Day Surprise | Lookout Mountain, Colorado | Denver Photographer | Re

These girls pulled off this surprise WELL! Alex & Kelly's mom lives alllllll the way in Florida. She had a trip planned to Colorado to see her girls for mother's day, so of course we had to do photo's! Alex & Kelly planned this entire photoshoot, without their mom even knowing. That meant telling her specific clothes to bring, shoes to wear, and getting her to the location without any suspicion. Not to mention, the place I wanted to take them to (at lookout mountain), we had to hike up a mountain, and let's just say no one was in hiking shoes. They were all in wedges in fact. We all survived, and all agreed the views were worth it! As this sweet group of girls laughed, hugged and posed on top of a mountain, I snapped away! They took away some unforgettable memories, as I got it all on camera, for them to cherish forever. I always have fun at my photoshoots, but this was one for the books, as they had me laughing & giggling throughout the entire evening! To say we had fun would be an understatement! And the best part? I get to photograph all these ladies again this November at Alex's wedding!

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