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Matt + Brenna | The Barn at Raccoon Creek | Littleton, Colorado Wedding | Littleton Wedding Photogra

The way Matt looks at Brenna is the way every woman wishes to be seen by her man. Matt & Brenna's love story started a long time ago with a friendship. A friendship that lasted years. But as all their friends and family described, they always KNEW there was more to their relationship than just friends. Eventually their love grew, and here we are today, on their wedding day! This was my first time at The Barn at Raccoon Creek, as it is a brand new wedding venue here in Littleon, Colorado. The second I pulled up to the venue, I instantly fell in love with this cute little white barn, completely designed to be a bridal suite. It is GORGEOUS! After spending some time photographing the wedding details, I knew this was going to be a great wedding! From the dress to the flowers, the sun shinning and 70 degree weather, to the beautiful atmosphere they created for their special day. Picture live music on the patio as guests arrive to witness these special vows. The day was just perfect. The ceremony went off without a hitch and we got swept away on a golf cart to the near by golf course where we arrived at the most beautiful sunset! Photographing Matt & Brenna on a golf course lake, with this gorgeous sunset was incredible! You seriously have to see these photo's! The reception proceeded with a fun, energetic, dancing loving group, who sent the bride & groom off with glowing balloons, and a BIG surprise for Matt. Brenna rented a Rolls Royce for the two of them to roll the night away. She pulled it off, he was surprised! Congratulations to this fun-loving couple, I really enjoyed being a part of their big day!!

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