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Laura + Dimitar | Boulder Engagement Photos | Boulder, Colorado Photographer | Denver Photographers

Laura & Dimitar are eloping this coming September in Ridgway, Colorado with a small group of family and friends, and I CANNOT WAIT! I absolutely love southern Colorado; Ouray especially, and I am so excited for the opportunity to combine their wedding with a little vacation in one of my favorite Colorado spots. Now, let's talk about this sweet couple's engagement session. It took us a LONG time to get this perfect, beautiful, Colorado winter day. I mean a long long time. We probably rescheduled at least 10 times due to rain/hail, high winds, blizzard, you name it. 4 months later, this beyond perfect day was the day we were blessed with. Now, after photographing numerous amounts of new couples for their engagement photo's, I know exactly how it is going to go in the beginning. It's always the same cute story, the couple has never been in front of the camera together up until now, and it can be intimidating!! I get it, I really do! However, the very first photo's I take end up being some of my favorites, because those are the awkward laughs, giggles and flirty feelings all coming out. Eventually every couple warms up to the camera and the romantic comes out, which I also love. Overall, engagement photo's are nothing to be scared of, we have a blast, as you can see through Laura & Dimitar. These two are so compassionate & loving towards each other, photographing their wedding is going to be a breeze. Along with the most beautiful mountain views. Have I mentioned I can't wait?!

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