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Ron + Corin | Denver Engagement Photography | Colorado Wedding Photographer | Golden, Colorado Engag

I was lucky enough to photograph these two when Ron first proposed to Corin, (which was a BIG surprise for her) and then a month later for their engagement session! I couldn't get enough of them. Between their laugh's and giggles and their passionate chemistry, I felt like sitting back with my camera and letting them do their thing! (Which is pretty much what happened.) I LOVE that! There is no doubt that I will "direct" posing for an engagement session until a couple gets comfortable, but when a couple can be natural in front of my camera, and love on each other like there is no one watching, that's what I LOVE! Besides Corin being ridiculously photogenic with her "serious" face, I couldn't get enough of her laughter, so I chose most of THOSE photo's to share with you, I think you'll see what I'm talking about! Ron first popped the question to Corin just shy of their one year anniversary in Golden, Colorado, so, we decided to go back for their engagement photo's. We found the perfect light and the perfect spot on the river to get snuggly. I keep getting lucky with these lovely, warm Colorado winter days! I'm not complaining. I am so over the moon happy & exciting for these two, and wish them all the best in their future! Big thanks to Ron & Corin for choosing me as their photographer! <3

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