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Cameron & Lauren | A Colorado Engagement | Lookout Mountain, Golden Colorado | Denver Engagement

Cameron & Lauren's engagement session will be one to remember! They are both from Colorado (which seems rare these days) so we had to go somewhere to show off their beautiful Colorado home! These two love birds met in college through roommates and friends of friends. The more I learned about their story, the more excited I got to photograph their wedding this coming September! One thing I really loved about their story is that Cameron took Lauren on a surprise sunrise hot air balloon ride (which neither of them had ever done before) she thought it was a birthday surprise, which happened to be the day before her birthday, purposely planned. Little did she know, Cameron's plan to propose. He rented a private balloon for just the two of them, could barley get down on one knee due to the lack of space in the basket, and the pilot snapped some photo's of the whole thing. What a cool story! They showed me the photo's on their phone, Cameron said he would never do it again, but Lauren said she absolutely would! I have never been in a hot air balloon, and have mixed feelings about it. Maybe someday. Anyway, I asked Lauren if she suspected anything. She said, not at the time, but looking back he was being really weird about his backpack, he wouldn't let her go near it, and that raised suspicion! lol. These two had never had professional photo's done together before this, and they totally rocked it. We breezed right through their hugs, kisses, laughs and beautiful mountain views with flying colors! Congratulations to you two, I cannot wait to see how beautiful you look on your wedding day! <3

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