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Baby Eve | Denver Newborn Photographer | Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Redrock Portrait Design

There's something so special about not finding out the sex of your baby before they arrive. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it wouldn't be easy. My parents did it, twice. But the reward, that would be worth it! Jill & Greg waited until this sweet little girl made her entrance to find out she was a GIRL! I couldn't even imagine the joy and excitement these two felt when baby Eve arrived, just before Christmas. Not knowing she was going to be a girl, meant this little family had no girly things. Everything was gender neutral. When I showed up with plenty of girly blankets and headbands, the whole family, who were all in town for her arrival, went nuts! Seeing this angel in her first headband, for her very first photoshoot...ah! Eve was a dream to photograph. Awake and alert in mom & dad's arms, then sound asleep in her basket, just enough for me to get the perfect poses. Couldn't get any better! <3

Can't get enough of this face!

Had to get this photo for daddy's office:

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