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Jack + Kelsey | Denver Engagement Photographer | Denver Wedding Photographer | Redrocks, Colorado |

I am by no means a morning person. I dread waking up early in the morning. But as soon as I get to my early morning locations and see the beautiful morning light, there is just nothing that compares. All my sleepyness instantly goes away and the excitement breaks loose. I met Jack & Kelsey for the very first time, at Redrocks, at 7:30am, watching the sun come up. We had an instant connection. I asked Jack & Kelsey if they had ever had photo's taken together, and like most couples they said "no." Some couples ease right into the awkwardness of being posed in front of the camera, while others might take a minute to get used to the idea. Jack & Kelsey were that easy couple. Everything just happened so natural with these two. Before long, I barley gave them any direction at all! Back story, these two MET at a wedding I photographed last summer! How freakin cool is that?! Now I get to photograph their wedding next summer, and it is so cool to think I was there on the DAY THEY MET! I love that story! I had an amazing time photographing these two for their engagement session, and just can't wait to see what they will look like as husband and wife. Congratulations you two! See you in June! -Erinn

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