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Denver Maternity Photographer | Kayla & Cameron | Denver Photographer

So, Colorado weather is super strange right? This particular day (last Saturday) we went from having bright sun, to very cloudy & over cast, to extremely windy, back to sunny (and windy) then calm. Well, of course as soon as Cameron & Kayla arrived to their session, it was like a tornado, but we didn't let us stop us from beautiful pictures! We definitely had to be patient at times, but we made it work, well! Kayla is actually a photographer as well (no pressure, right), she contacted me after just moving back to Colorado from Washington state, and being just shy of 39 weeks pregnant, we needed to do these photo's fast! We went back and forth with location ideas for awhile, as I always suggest mountain views because naturally, that's what most people in Colorado want. But Kayla had something a little different in mind. She mentioned she is having a water birth and how cool it would be to do photo's near the water. It just so happened that all of February had been in the mid 60's, so all the lakes were thawed out, PERFECT! I knew the perfect little lake location north of Denver where I could get just what she was looking for! Luckily, Cameron & Kayla were adventurous and accomodated my request for them standing on a stump in the middle of the lake, and Kayla standing in the freezing cold lake at the end of the session. Despite the crazy weather that day, we had a blast taking these photo's! I'm so glad their baby girl stayed inside long enough for us to get some great maternity pictures for this cute couple! We even ended the evening with a beautiful pink & purple sunset! I wish Cameron & Kayla so much luck with the delivery of their sweet baby girl, becoming mom & dad, and thank you for allowing me to be your maternity photographer!! Thanks a million! <3

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