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Denver Newborn Photographers | Baby Ivan | Lifestyle Photography

Ivan is so sweet, he literally slept through almost his entire session. Every once in awhile, he would peak his eyes open to see what was going on, but other than that, what an easy baby! His parents are super laid back & easy going, so I guess I wasn't too surprised that their child would be the same way. I first met Ben & Nicole when we did their maternity photo's on Mount Evans, in mid November. It was a sunrise session, snowy, and not warm at all, but totally worth it cause the photo's came out amazing! It was absolutely beautiful, and if you haven't seen that session, please check it out! Ok, back to Ivan, he is a New Year's baby! Yep, he was born at noon on New Years day! What a fun birthday that will be for the rest of his life :) His nursery is decorated with so much love & character, so many handmade items. This is also the first time i've seen a mini crib, which was adorable! When we finished in the nursery and moved to Ben & Nicole's bedroom, the family dog Sherpa was so excited to finally be able to be in the family photo's! The funny thing is, Sherpa was also in the maternity photo's, however, I think we only got about 1 or 2 photo's of him because he was beyond excited to be in the snow. I think he will be a good big brother to Ivan! Photographing newborns & their families in their very own homes is such a wonderful experience. I never know exactly what to expect when I get there for the very first time, which is always so exciting. It is always different, no two homes are alike, and no decorations or lighting are the same. Being able to capture the way a home looks when the baby first comes home is real. It's those real moments you will want to look back at in 20 years. Congratulations to Ben, Nicole, and Sherpa on their new addition to the family! To many more years of photography with this wonderful family! <3


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