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Alonit & Jacob's Tomahawk Ranch Camp Wedding

Jacob & Alonit tied the knot at Tomahawk Ranch in the beautiful mountains of Bailey, Colorado. The storms were rolling in around ceremony time, (like they usually do in Colorado) but we got lucky! All of the couple's friends and family spent the whole weekend camping at tomahawk ranch, it was one big fun camping wedding weekend! Jacob & Alonit are one of the sweetest couples I have ever met, they have so much love for each other and everyone around them. I loved watching them "bless" every single one of their wedding guests with their special wedding day luck. The passion, love & enthusiasm they both had was contagious, and I was so happy to be apart of this celebration! Congrats Jacob & Alonit! #mybigfatjewishcampingtrip check out their photo's here:

colorado wedding photographer.png

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