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Kyle & Abby's Destination Wedding - Mount Vernon Country Club

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck right? What about rain, wind and sunshine all in one day?! Kyle & Abby said their I-Do's at Mount Vernon Country Club In Golden Colorado, and got lucky with sunshine! We were all prepared for rain, though you'd never know it from these photo's! You just never know what you're gonna get in Colorado! Even though many of Kyle & Abby's family and friends live here, this was a destination wedding for these two. As if it isn't enough work to plan a wedding, try planning a wedding 3 states away! I must say, the details that these two pulled off for their big day is incredible! It made me so happy to see a couple that pays attention to such details. Definitely my kind of wedding! Thank you two for allowing me to be apart of your special day! Now time to relax and enjoy married life ;) To view more of their photo's click here:

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