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Jaron & Anna's Downtown Denver Engagement Session

I had a blast Tuesday night photographing Jaron & Anna's "date night" engagement session. I thought for sure we would have beautiful warm weather for this shoot after Monday's 70 degree st patty's day! Nope I was wrong. Coloradans woke up to a white-out blizzard Tuesday morning! I thought to myself...there is no way they are going to want to do this 90 minute engagement session in a blizzard. BUT let's wait it out and see what happens later in the day. Weather cleared up and we headed downtown! (surprise surprise Colorado) I met Jaron and Anna at their favorite coffee shop Backstage Coffee where they had one of their very first dates. Talk about a cute coffee shop! For most of this I told Jaron & Anna to relax, enjoy their coffee, and pretend like I wasn't even there. I was sure getting the looks from other coffee-drinking-customers thinking I was some sort of stalking creeper taking photo's of these poor people. After the coffee shop, Jaron & Anna ran to their hotel room across the street to change into their "formal" attire. We continued our shoot on the streets of downtown Denver, including the Denver Performing Arts Complex where Jaron & Anna were headed to see Chicago right after their shoot! Talk about a fun date night extravaganza! P.s. It turns out Jaron & Anna really DID want photo's in the snow, but it had all melted by the time of the shoot, and all we got was cold weather! Enjoy these sneak peak favs of this loving couple!! Excited for their wedding this August in Estes Park, Colorado! See all photo's here:

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